• At KASE-EO we are passionate about the 'gaming experience'.
    This translates to superb designs and an excellent quality of workmanship.

    We've been designing and manufacturing quality arcade machines since 2001. Based in Essex, our team are reknown in the business for using the UKs top designers, programmers and assemblers. We pride ourselves on using UK staff and businesses whenever possible.

    KASE-EO has set itself rules to abide by when designing and building each of its products. These are:
    * No compromise whatsoever on the individual components, these have to be the very best items for the task required.
    * Build quality that actually supercedes the requirement needed for such items.
    * To provide fool-proof documentation, in plain English for the end user.
    * To have the most knowledgeable, friendly and helpful customer support team.

In 2001, Adam Bacchus was to open the UK's most comprehensive on-line MAME store, offering flat-packed arcade cabinets and 300+ cabinet accessories and parts, anything from 8-way joysticks right down to the cabinets castors. This was all achieved from his workshop in Suffolk. This store was known as Red Rocket Retro Ltd.
The ever increasing popularity of retro game cabinets being used for MAME and JAMMA use started Adam thinking, and then a plan started to unfold.
Armed with lists of suppliers, suggestions and comments from past customers and most importantly, fantastic ideas and designs, formed the basis of the foundations for the UK's strongest partnership in gaming cabinet solutions, KASE-EO.
As a supplier of cabinets to home users, KASE-EO could not fail to wake the 80's and 90's kid in everyone that had ever became truly engrossed in a classic 8-bit videogame.
The popularity of video pinball machines in the US caught Adams attention, and in 2006 KASE-EO started manufacturing such machines, the first business to do so within the EU and UK.
In 2017, KASE-EO started designing commercial machines set for amusement arcades up and down the UK.

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