Welcome to KASE-EO Amusements | The UKs First and most popular Digital Pinball manufacturer



We are currently inundated with orders for our pinball machines

This has resulted in waiting times being 4+ weeks


We simply do not have the time or resources to provide machine parts

All parts are being fitted to orders as fast as we’re receiving them


Both our video game cabinets and touch screen machines have taken a back seat

Pinball machines have been our best sellers by far. Removing the less popular cabinets allows us to concentrate on completing current orders


Our Project75 venture has taken over every spare moment our team had available

Project75 is the largest transformation our business has had since we introduced pinball machines almost 7 years ago


All future, current and previous clients are still eligible for our advice, help and warranty

Each cabinet we have sold was sold under the promise of our fantastic after sales service. Rest assured, KASE-EO continues this promise.