The ORIGINAL UK Virtual Pinball machine company fact we were the first business anywhere in Europe to offer virtual pinball machines. Now with literally hundreds sold, both in the UK and the EU, we're the #1 company to trust.

Leaders in Customisation

Your pinball machine will be your pride and joy, so we endevour to design it exactly to your specification and expectations, using only the best parts available.

Knowledge & Set-up

Our staff are here to answer all your questions. We also offer a Set-up Service, with demonstration, leaving you to enjoy the final product.


Another first for

We're happy to offer you a complete Sim-racing platform thanks to our friends at Fasetech.

In first place...

The Rotation module is one of the features making Fasetechs RacingCUBE unique. The simulator is adjustable for every occasion.

Knowledge & Set-up

Our staff are here to answer all your questions. We can also set up everything for you, leaving you to enjoy the final product.

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Relive the past..!!

If you're looking for authentic arcade cabinets at an unbeatable price, then look no further.
Brilliant replicas with lots of customisation options.

Solid and eye-catching

Sturdy panels, strong fittings and genuine arcade parts make sure our machines take as much abuse as you can throw at them. The reproduction artwork and illuminated marque ensure your new machine will grab eveyones attention.

Whatever you want

If seven machines isn't enough choice for you, feel free to specify extra buttons, different artwork, a trackball or anything else you desire. We can help you design your ultimate machine from the ground up.


Amusement Machines Designed and Built in the UK

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Halstead, Essex, UK

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KASE-EO - Serious About Gaming

Leaders in Customisation

We've been designing and manufacturing quality arcade machines since 2001. Based in Essex, our team are reknown in the business for using the UKs top designers, programmers and assemblers. We pride ourselves on using UK staff and businesses whenever possible.

At KASE-EO we are passionate about the 'gaming experience'.
This translates to superb designs and an excellent quality of workmanship.
KASE-EO has set itself rules to abide by when designing and building each of its products. These are:
* No compromise whatsoever on the individual components, these have to be the very best items for the task required.
* Build quality that actually supercedes the requirement needed for such items.
* To provide fool-proof documentation, in plain English for the end user.
* To have the most knowledgeable, friendly and helpful customer support team.